Obese City is an innovative, multi-faceted, five-part media and education project designed to examine and communicate the causes of and potential ways to reduce the disproportionately high rate of obesity in the Latino community:

• Obese City: The Documentary will be a 90 minute high-definition feature documentary for television broadcast and theatrical release.

• Obese City: The Documentary – School Edition with study guide will be a 30 minute version of the full length documentary edited specifically to be used in middle and high schools.

• Obese City – the Interactive Website will be a multi-component resource that includes: basic information on the health risks of obesity; links to reports, community resources, and other health focused websites; and a forum for individuals to record and share their individual stories of struggles and successes with obesity.

• Obese City Youth Project in partnership with Operation Street Kidz, L.A. will offer introductory video training and production for youth with the objective of creating and sharing short videos about how obesity touches their lives and communities.

• Obese City in the Community brings public screenings of the film to local health care providers, schools, universities, and community organizations. Filmmakers and health and nutrition experts will lead open, bilingual discussions about the film and the issue of obesity. Informational materials on access to resources will be made available to participants.


Obese City: The Documentary will follow three obese Latinos living in Los Angeles, for a period of one year. The characters will be male and female, young and old, and represent a diversity of experience within the Latino community. Obese City will enlighten viewers while offering an intimate glimpse into the day-to-day lives of these characters, who struggle with their weight, their family, their relationships… with work, school, and love.